Zenbunni Chocolate - CAP Beauty Coconache

Zenbunni Chocolate - CAP Beauty Coconache

This alchemical blend of biodynamic and organic stone-ground chocolate and Organic Coconut Butter have come together to create our magical "Coconache™".



Organic Cacao, Jaggery (Cane), Organic Coconut Butter, Stardust (Phycocyanin Infused Salt)

Free of Gluten, Soy, Lactose, Casein, and Refined Sugar. 

28 servings (a lunar cycle) (a 5gr spoonful), calories - 25, calories from, fat - 15, total fat - 2grs, saturated fat 1.5grs, trans fat - 0, cholesterol - 5mg, sodium - 1mg, total carbs - 2gr, dietary fiber - 1gr, sugar - 1 gr, protein - 0

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