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BLACK SEA - Wood, Seashells, Lime, Ambergris

Mer noire

The tides that pull, the salt that licks
Grow quiet when the surface black
Mirror of perfid' firmament
That it, like sea, demoniac

Featured Notes: driftwood, roasted seashells, young coconut, botanical ambergris, bergamot, and salted lime.

Aspects: musky, woody, salty.


CUIR FÉTICHE - Botanical Leather, Incense, Amber, Saffron

An alluring, rich, and animalic, leather and incense perfume. 

Featured Notes: aged agarwood, burning incense, leather, saffron spice, and fossilized amber. 

Aspects: smoky, spicy, warm, woody, sensuous, rich, balsamic.


DAGGER MOON - Baked Earth, Ruh Khus, Wood, Wet Leaves

Skim the floor arboreous
Burnt powdered past, in lines, in bends
The elbow perfect angle to
Eye of sky slate, the embers’ end

Featured Notes: mitti attar (baked earth), tree moss, ruh khus, juniper berries, palo santo wood, crushed coffee beans, and nutmeg.

Aspects: woody, earthy, dry.


FERN AND MOSS - Fresh Herbs, Lavender, Oakmoss

Pockmarked ochre aureole
Sits high above the greenery
The roots below, coarse and bedraggled
Tender sweet machinery

Featured Notes: lavender flowers, crushed basil, sparkling pink grapefruit, and green herbs on a base of vetiver, oakmoss, and tonka bean.

Aspects: green, fresh, citrus, herbal.


FROST FLOWERS - Dark Florals, Black Currant, Mint, Musk

Icy and cold, delicate yet jagged, floral ice crystals slowly melt to reveal a heart of dark florals and a musky sweet base

Featured Notes: tuberose petals, jasmine blossoms, frozen mint leaves, black currants, elemi resin, cypress, and ambrette musk seed.

Aspects: musky, floral, indolic, slightly minty. 


GHOST PINE - Pine Needles, Wet Leaves, Moss, Wood

As sun bids farewell to the sky
And perfect blue of sleep cleaves night
The pine, it too, like knife, drives home,
The fact that you are not alone.

Notes: crisp pine needles, crushed foliage, damp moss patches, and ancient woods.

Aspects: coniferous, fresh, woody, balsamic.


L'ALCHIMIE - Blood Orange, Amber, Citrus, Rose

Allogamous, vermillion
Be the pulp, be the blood
Tremulous, Prodigal Son
Of dusk return, of Mythic flood.

Featured notes: rich amber, vanilla bean, a heart of precious florals, red mandarin peel, blood
orange, rosemary absolute, and black peppercorn.


L'ÉTRANGER - Whiskey, Tobacco, Vanilla, Wood

(The Stranger)

Rustle of silk, a stranger heeds—
Vous touche le coude, and thus ignites
Fantasmes de nuits lyriques, délires
Though be unknown, first time to sight.


Featured Notes: oak barrels, aged whiskey, dried wild tobacco leaves, vanilla bean, and fresh cut wood.

Aspects: woody, balsamic, agrestic, warm, comforting.


MOURNING RITUAL - Black Velvet, Incense, Wilted Rose, Resins

Brook of love, the wave of waiting
Les sèches lèvres de roses fades
Suffer loss, hands slow, prostrating
À l’amour qui nous évade.

Featured Notes: rare frankincense oman, Russian roses, opoponax resin absolute, cedarwood extract.

Aspects: balsamic, resinous, warm, slightly spicy, powdery.


NUIT DÉSERT - Cedar Leaf, Jasmine, Smoke

A cool yet dry night in the desert. The darkness has closed in, the fire is roaring, the stars are blazing above, you’re alone, and you smell the fragrant emptiness. 

Featured Notes: blood cedarwood, cedar leaf, jasmine, oud, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Aspects: woody, earthy, smokey


PAPILLON DE NUIT - Botanical White Musk, Sandalwood, Ambrette
(butterfly of the night // moth) 

Determinism stitched in wings
That, t’wards beloved, soar through air
The cordial tug of the sweet thing
Sets fire to moth’s wing-spanned hair.

Notes: palo santo wood, ambrette seed, botanical white musk accord, white copal resin, sandalwood, white floral.

Aspects: woody, fresh, musky 


SAFFRON ROUGE - Saffron, Rose, Calamus, Cinnamon, Red Spikenard

Designed to work with your natural pheromones and enhance attraction. According to Berber legend saffron perfume is said to have magical powers - the power to make people fall in love. 

Notes: saffron, red spikenard, sweet calamus, attar of roses, and white cinnamon.

Aspects: leather floriental, spicy, earthy


SPIRITUUM - Sacred Galbanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss

In sacred resin, moss of oak
Engulfed in myrrh and galbanum,
This chypre breathes to each around
The copal power of the ground.

Featured Notes: sacred resins, patchouli, oakmoss, and labdanum.

Aspects: chypre, mossy, sophisticated.


TASSEOMANCY - Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Bergamot, Honey, Spice

A steeped and speaking kind of scent
As honeyed vessels ring the tables
Traces of confessions of
The work the tender heart is able.

Notes: black tea, warm citrus, honey, milk, and spice.

Aspects: warm, dark gourmand, animalic


VIOLET WOODS - Crushed Violet Leaves and Petals, Soft Woods

A layered scent of leaf and petal violet,
And wood soft, scent of quiet
Wanderings with footsteps
Swallowed by the forest floor. 

Featured Notes: violet leaf, orris root, sandalwood, rosewood, and agarwood.

Aspects: green, powdery, delicate, floral, woody


Ingredients: an essential oil blend, plant extracts, coconut oil.

The Ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry.

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