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2023 Moon Calendar

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Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson 
Illustrations by Chelsea Granger 
The Moon Calendar is designed to help folks keep track of and live in harmony with the cycles of the moon. Lunar patterns can influence our body, mind, and spirit, and living in accordance with these tides can help to support our growth, creativity, inspiration, and productivity. The Moon Calendar is an excellent way to connect with natural cycles and get to know the phases of the moon. It is also an excellent place to keep track of one’s menstrual cycle, mental-emotional, and other of life’s patterns.


The 2023 Moon Calendar follows the sun and the moon as they travel through the signs of the Zodiac. The inner ring illustrates the date that the sun enters each Zodiac sign as well as the Zodiac sign that the moon is in during 4 key phases of the lunar cycle (new, first quarter, full, and last quarter). The image that surrounds these details carries us through the seasons offering an illustrated embodiment of the Zodiac as we experience it in ourselves, the natural world, and the collective culture around us.

Text from the Poster:
The signs of the Zodiac represent archetypal aspects of our inner psyche and our collective imagination and experiences. Just as the sun travels through each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac in a solar year, so too does the moon. The moon stays in a sign for about 2 1/2 days, whereas the sun stays in a sign for about 30 days. The moon influences our emotional state and how we engage in relationships with ourselves and others. Moon energy is the embodiment of emotional nourishment and self-care—how we tend to and feed ourselves—and not just with food!

Just as tracking the phases of the moon provides insight into our inner world and the world around us, so too does charting the positions of the sun and the moon in the Zodiac offer their own perspectives as we travel the great spiral of our lives.

13 x 19-inch poster (standard frame size).