Spree! Scouts Draw

We have just a few Spree! Scouts available after our Spree! Stocking <3 As we want to avoid any oversells on these items, we will be listing them through a draw, with the winner(s) receiving the right to buy Spree! Please read all of the following information for details: 

Below are links to the sizes available. If you would like to be entered to win the chance to purchase that item, please fill out and submit the corresponding form. Only one entry may be submitted for each size, per person/ mailing address/ email address associated with your sloomb.com account. Duplicate entires will be removed. Entries must include your full name, correct mailing address, and email address associated with your sloomb.com account for notification purposes.

Right to Buy winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. The winner will receive an email containing a link to purchase the item they won the right to buy.   If the item is not purchased within 24 hours from the time the invoice email is sent, another winner will be chosen. Only the size/ color of the item won in the right to buy draw, may be purchased. Any orders that contain additional items will be canceled. All flat rate shipping fees and applicable taxes will apply.  Email notifications and the item purchased will only be sent to the winner(s) of each draw. *THE PURCHASING EMAIL ADDRESS AND SHIPPING ADDRESS MUST MATCH THE ADDRESSES GIVEN AT THE TIME OF ENTRY OR THE ORDER WILL BE CANCELED*. Items may not be substituted or exchanged. By entering the draw, you agree to these terms and commit to purchase the item, should your entry be chosen. 

THIS DRAW WILL BEGIN NOVEMBER 16, 2016, AT 10AM EASTERN AND WILL CLOSE ON NOV 17, 2016, AT 10AM EASTERN. Winners will be notified by email invoice on Thursday, November 17, 2016 , and must purchase the winning item within 24 hours of the email being sent.

0-6m Spree! Scouts

6-18m Spree! Scouts

18-24m Spree! Scouts

3-4T Spree! Scouts

4-5T Spree! Scouts