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xs de Pijp | XS Lille Huset


DE  PIJP is a little dutch house and cafe that is nestled in a neighborhood in Amsterdam. This little house has the most special rounded top to his roof, and has been here for hundreds of years. The people who built him made him of the finest stone. He is very special because each and every person that has entered his doors has drawn a little bit of art right on the walls making him a living gallery. People say that it is his beauty that inspires their creativity.  

Now available is our xs lille huset as a single house. You can get this Klein Heis (little house) decorate and love.

The house measures: 7x7x4 and is made from recycled paperboard and uses our easy slot together design for putting together and taking apart. Made from 100% recycled paperboard and "printed green" in the USA! Each house comes with an activity sheet and is ready for you to decorate.

* Printed Green is a certified carcinogenic free printing process.
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