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Winter Sloomb Soapies


Hand Soap, Not a Sloomb Cube.


COOKIE BUTTER: yes, you know what this is, Sloomb Fan Chat Fave right here!

CAKE+ICECREAM: um, yes, yes please! Let us ALL eat cake!
BIRCH: it's back, it's kinda boyish. we love it!
GUMDROP: sweet gumdrops under the Christmas tree

Made with: organic glycerine soap (certified organic by the Soil Association of the UK), pure EO or FO.

Made without: animal testing, preservatives, alcohol, harsh drying ingredients, artificial colors, phthalates, and of course SLS free.

Cubes are approx 5-6 oz. Wrapped in biodegradable film.

Made by hand

soapies are final sale and can not be returned.



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