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Unicorn Fibre Rinse

Fibre Rinse is a conditioner for your wool garments. Not to be used on your cloth diaper covers unless general conditioning is needed. Lanolizing would be used in place of a conditioner for wool used as a cloth diaper cover. Awesome for your other knits and for those who continue to use wool beyond the diapering stage.

From Unicorn Fibre:

Designed to optimize conditioning of the natural fiber cuticle and enhance the softness of delicate synthetic items, Unicorn Fibre Rinse was formulated to enhance the benefits of Fibre Wash and Power Scour.

  • Provides luster, softness and anti-static benefits to all natural fibers
  • Aids in detangling fiber at all stages of washing
  • Helps minimize re–entry of dirt onto the fiber shaft during washing
  • Leaves a refreshing fragrance –– non–yellowing
  • Fiber shielding formula reduces the "itch factor"
  • Biodegradable – Earth Friendly – No fillers