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Sloombicorn Cubes


♛ Cubes from the Land of Sloombicorn  ♛

Lanolizing made simple. Wonderful and quick lanolizing cube for your wool, perfect for emulsifying your solid lanolin, and highly moisturizing for your skin. Store cube on a wooden deck.

Made with: 100% pure pharmaceutical grade lanolin, organic glycerine soap (certified organic by the Soil Association of the UK), pure EO or FO.

Made without: animal testing, preservatives, alcohol, harsh drying ingredients, artificial colors, phthalates, and of course SLS free.

To use: Wash garment first. Use in place of lanolin & wool wash to lightly lanolize, as a wool wash soap to spot clean, a wool wash to emulsify your lanolin, or as a general moisturizing soap for the skin. 

Sloomb cube contains enough lanolin to lightly lanolize wool garments. Wet your wool, run the tap to fill your lanolizing basin over the cube, when water is cloudy and basin is full, lanolize as normal.  Produces a cloudy lanolin bath when cube is run & lathered under warm tap water.

Cubes are approx 5-6 oz. Wrapped in biodegradable film. Packaging is printed on FSC certified 100% PCW stock and is printed with certified vegetable and soy based inks.

Made by hand for those who love their woolies 

cubes are final sale and can not be returned.




PIXIE DUST - soft & bright, floral & citrus, little pixie.

WOLFY FO - animal warmth, woodsy earth, delicious. ANIMUS.

SIREN FO - songs of the ocean, sea salt, and blooms.

FLUFF FO - this one is for the sweet princesses out there!  IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!

UNICORN FO - beautiful, pure, and strong - soft petals & light. ANIMA.

RAINBOW FO -  fruit meets floral in an airy space - serious color.


Check out these two videos Michele made for us using her Sloomb Cubes!

Lanolizing using solid lanolin & the cube.
Lanolizing using only the cube.
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