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BGN Emulsifying Cubes

From Bee Green Naturals

BGN wool wash cubes were made for you to make lanolizing wool easier when using solid lanoin. Solid lanolin is what you should use if you need your wool bulletproof for overnight and naps, or a heavy wetter.  And because these have solid lanolin in them, you won't need to as much.

Very basic steps to lanolize: Melt 2 cubes, add 1/2 tsp lanolin, melt, and then follow your basic lanolizing step. Doubling the amounts as needed for more items.

Because there there are only natural ingredients and no SLS.. you will see very little bubbles... this doesn't mean they aren't getting clean though. They are in a natural wholesome way.

Made with a mild soap, lanolin, and nourishing oils. Includes 30.

Scent info can be found here

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