BGN CocoBum 'SUPER' Cream 8 oz

BGN CocoBum 'SUPER' Cream 8 oz

A note from Sloomb - this stuff is highly recommended for dry skin. We use it at Sloomb HQ to keep us super-duper & super-soft.

From Bee Green Naturals

This version of our CocoBum has been suped-up for those with very problematic skin. It's been formulated to help with very dry, irritated, inflammed or otherwise 'not happy' situations.  It contains many of the same ingredients as our CocoBum but also has Lanolin, higher amounts of our infused Calendula, with added benefits of infused Plantain and Comfrey which are wonderful at healing skin. Other ingredients are rich Macadamia oil and more Chamomile then the original.

No water or fillers, no phlalates, SLS, or anything but pure natural and organic products. We always buy certified organic for our infusions and all other ingredients when they are available.

For our supercream we use only 100% certified natural fragrances or Essential Oils. All of our other frangrances are phlalates free but we still decided it best to keep fragrances totally natural since this formula is made for problematic skin and it would clear best with natural or EO's.

4 oz


: Even MORE added benefits of tea tree eo, lavender eo, valencia eo (small amount for scent), and organic thyme. IMO it doesn't smell the best but it is quite intensive!
Citrus EO: Light blend of Sweet Orange EO, Pink Grapefruit EO, and Lime EO
Vanilla Mint: Certified natural vanilla mint fragrance.
Sweet Bergamot:   EO blend of Bergamot, Lemon and a bit of Grapefruit
Honey Almond:  Certified natural Honey Almond fragrance.

Scent info can be found here