BGN CocoBum Cream - sloomb

BGN CocoBum Cream

From Bee Green Naturals

A  concentrated cream composed of a few key ingredients; it nourishes the skin, protects it and moisturizes.

CocoBum  is a whipped cream that is made of coconut oil that is organic and unrefined... the most beneficial. Coconut oil is known to be a great moisturizer and has antifungal (think yeast), anti viral and antibacterial properties. Other ingredients are unrefined Shea butter,  Aloe, Mango, Macadamia and Hemp (both wonderful rich oils for the skin) that have been infused with Calendula; Cocoa, Chamomile and Vit E.

This cream has no additives other than what is listed here. Because of this, the creams texure can vary depending on the weather.

Cloth diaper safe. 

4 oz.

: Added benefits of slightly higher Chamomile plus, tea tree eo, lavender eo, valencia eo (small amount for scent), organic thyme, organic plantain and organic avacado.

Scent info can be found here