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Sloomb FB chat and BST mods have designed a super limited collection of diapers just for you!



sustainablebabyish overnight bamboo fitteds are soft and beautiful, made entirely of super absorbent bamboo|organic cotton fleece. perfect for day time use & the answer for nights. each OBF includes a shell with a double-length 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker that can be folded for customizable absorption. an extra lay in 3-layer fleece doubler is included to boost absorbency when and where you need it most. pair with sustainablebabyish wool covers for a leak free combination.

x-small features a snap-down front & both the large and XL have hip snaps for sizing up. our fitteds fit under the belly – snap them tightly.

fitted cloth diapers require a cover. please unsnap the soakers before laundering.

content: 70% viscose from bamboo/30% organic cotton


the susutainablebabyish snapless-multi.

the first multi-size cloth diaper from sustainablebabyish. heavy bamboo| organic cotton terry body with turned and topstitched leg elastic. includes two 3-layer bamboo/organic cotton fleece doublers for adjustable absorbency & one diaper pin. add more doublers for additional layers.

Pin or Snappi® friendly. Snappi® fasteners are available under Accessories. Snapless-multi fitteds work very well with either option.

the sustainablebabyish snapless-multi is based on the pattern for our best selling bamboo fleece night time fitteds. slightly trimmer body & longer wings allow securing with one pin & fast diaper changes. the same fit you have come to love, now in a multi-size, snapless version, with adjustable absorbency & comfortable T&T leg casings. fold the front down for a shorter rise.

weight range approximately 10-35 lbs

this fitted cloth diaper requires a cover. pair with sustainablebabyish wool for a leak free combination.

Snapless content: 70% viscose from bamboo/28% organic cotton/ 2% poly

one diaper-one tree

a tree is planted for every sustainablebabyish cloth diaper you purchase.

Katie: BACON, because that is what she craved while pregnant with her littlest sloombster. She knows this yellow, gray and green VHLC doesn't look like bacon, but it's BACON! 


Jennifer: YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, because her sweet son is the light of her world. This sunny yellow flat is sure to light up your world too. 


Amy: THE STARRY NIGHT, this blue and yellow OBF is made for mothers who'd give their left ear for dry sheets, this starry diaper will have your little one dreaming of inky skies & twinkling stars. Inspiration provided by Vincent Van Gogh.

Alicia: PALOMA, This navy and coral OBF is named for her sloombster's middle name and Spanish for "dove" which represents motherhood, peace and love. 
Corrie: AMETHYST,  her little one's birthstone, and the first pair of longies they bought were Galactic and what made them fall in love with Sloomb. Their love for Galactic and all things purple, as well as variegated threads, inspired them to create this all purple OBF together. 
MaryLynn: OMG, which are her older sloombster's initials. And yes they picked her initials before her name! This "O"live and "M"auve snapless will make you smile. 
Sally: PLAY BALL!, because it's always baseball season in their house and the Heaters are their team. "Bring the heat" with this gray and red VHLC.  


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