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Unicorn Baby Beyond Clean


Beyond Clean is the Unicorn Baby Unscented formula for Power Scour, for use on your Sustainablebabyish Wool items. 

This is a strong dirt, lanolin, and all purpose stain remover. Awesome carpet cleaner (we use this in our carpet cleaner at Sloomb HQ - great for wool or synthetic rugs - awesome spot cleaner too).
Power Scour is industry strength for removing lanolin and dirt on raw fiber and is not a recommended product for wool maintenance. Power Scour may be used with caution on your Sloomb wool to remove heavy stains and odor. Some felting may occur so please use caution with this product. For regular weekly/monthly maintenance and wool care, use Unicorn Fibre Wash or another wool wash that is safe for your woolies.
From Unicorn Fibre:

A unique formula designed to deeply clean greasy fabrics and knitwear. Wonderful for stain removal, even red wine! Fragrance Free. No harsh ingredients.

Sold in 4oz/118ml and 20oz/581ml bottles


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