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Monkey Foot Designs Snackers

Monkey Foot Designs bags are super fun & functional - wicked cute wet bags for your cloth diapers, wet stuff, & snacks. You'll want one for just about everything!

MFD bags are a Parent Tested Parent Approved Latest & Greatest Fall 2010 Winner!
"Because Parents Know Best!"

MFD has also recently finalized the design & production of wet bags to be used by NASA astronauts in the Space Station.

What is a Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag?

A super-functional bag featuring...


X-Small bags are great for snacks, toys, IPOD's, cell phones and other "stuff". And YES! These bags are Food Safe - Procare has *NO* DEHP, phalates, plasticizers, BPA strengtheners or bromanated fire retardants. 

Laundering and Care: Simply throw the bag in with your dirty laundry (either turn it inside out or pull the lining out to make sure the soiled areas get cleaned - see picture below). 


You can machine dry the bags (low or medium heat), but the ProCare will last longer if you hang dry. The exterior fabic can be ironed on the high / cotton setting - do not iron the ProCare lining.

Natural Spotted Owls
Green Spotted Owls
Who's Hoot

Forest Fun
Dig It Bite Me

Park Slope
On A Whim

Dino Dudes        
Sea Beauties
Hedgehog Meadows, Critter Camp, Grey Giraffe, Brown Bonehead, Aqua Falling Leaves.


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